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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality Epoxy Flooring to our customers. 

Our floor specialists are uniformed employees that have been skillfully trained to make your floor look beautiful and provide a long lasting finish. From a front porch entry way to a 5000 sq ft hangar; no scope is too large or too small.

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Our Epoxy Flooring Process

The key to a successful job is the proper preparation of the floor. Profiling using commercial grade equipment, the team can bring most concrete floors to life. We use Industrial Diamond Head grinders to remove any existing coatings and Commercial Ultra Duty Cyclonic Vacuums to keep dust to a minimum while achieving the proper profile for the epoxy installation. Then we complete the preparation by filling in any cracks and large chips and divots with epoxy patch and Poly Urea fillers.

Our Product

Our Epoxy Flooring product is best in class with excellent wetting properties. This allows it to dive down deep into the concrete surface for maximum adhesion.

The epoxy flooring materials we use are professional grade which means you can’t buy them at the local big box store. Our product is also LOW VOC and the odor dissipates quickly.

Holding back high Moisture Vapor Emissions (MVE) are critical in Florida. If the wrong product is used, in time the coating will start to come off due to efflorescence. This process is caused by high moisture vapor emissions (MVE). Our products have the ability to hold back 8lbs of MVE with our standard Wicking Basecoat Epoxy. Our Heavy Duty Primer Sealer is able to hold back up to 15lbs MVE for the worst case scenarios. In contrast, typical store bought and paint store epoxy only holds back 3lbs MVE.


There are many available flake blend colors to choose from. From standard ¼” to 1” sizes and also new Brindle Flake which has the appearance of granite or stone when applied. We also install Metallic Epoxy which resemble a showroom finish that offer a modern, upscale seamless floor that will surely set your project apart from others.

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Here are some of the advantages to an Epoxy Flooring finish.

  • Hot tire resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Chemical resistant
  • No more concrete dusting
  • Tough and Durable
  • Compliments any decor
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Want to see what it will take to remodel your entire garage?

Ask us about our remodeling options for your entire garage. With a variety of styles and colors, our cabinets are of industrial quality that will most certainly enhance your space into the garage of your dreams!

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