When it comes to giving your floors an immaculate and durable finish, A Classic Touch Painting has mastered the art of perfection. Based in the exquisite Port Orange area, this exemplary painting service is known for its meticulous floor preparation and sumptuous epoxy floor coatings.

Proper Floor Preparation – The Key to Perfection

A Classic Touch Painting believes that proper preparation of the floor is the key to achieving a seamless and long-lasting epoxy coating. Their trained professionals initiate the process by employing Industrial Diamond Head Grinders, which efficiently abrade the surface. This prepares the floor for the superior bonding of epoxy coatings, ensuring that there is no peeling or flaking over time.

The Industrial Diamond Head Grinders used by A Classic Touch Painting is renowned for their precise and aggressive surface profiling. This is essential in establishing an optimal base for the epoxy to adhere to, especially in high-traffic or commercial spaces where durability is paramount.

Safeguarding Your Space with Cutting-edge Technology

Understanding the importance of a clean workspace, A Classic Touch Painting goes the extra mile by using Commercial Ultra Duty Cyclonic Vacuums. These robust vacuums capture the dust and debris generated during grinding, ensuring a spotless environment and preventing any contaminants from interfering with the epoxy application.

Fine-tuning with Epoxy Patches and Poly Urea Fillers

After creating an impeccable surface through grinding and cleaning, A Classic Touch Painting’s professionals meticulously inspect the floor for cracks, large chips, or divots. They use top-quality epoxy patches and Poly Urea fillers to fill and level these imperfections, making an even and unblemished surface ready for the epoxy coating.

Serving the Beautiful Port Orange Area

A Classic Touch Painting is proud to offer its exquisite epoxy floor coatings service in the scenic Port Orange area. Whether you’re looking to revamp your garage, warehouse, or commercial space, their impeccable floor preparation and finishing services are just what you need to transform your floors into a thing of beauty.


With A Classic Touch Painting, the mastery of floor preparation guarantees an epoxy finish that is visually stunning and built to last. If you’re in the Port Orange area and looking to give your floors the care and attention they deserve, contact A Classic Touch Painting and let their experts bring excellence to your doorstep.