Epoxy Residential Flooring

At A Classic Touch Painting, we are known for changing houses using specialized services. One of our unique offerings is Epoxy Residential Flooring which melds strength with beauty. Whether you want to remodel your house in Port Orange, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Ponce Inlet, Deland, Palm Coast, and Flagler Beach, you will find the experts at A Classic Touch Painting to come in handy.

Why Choose Epoxy Residential Flooring?

Epoxy Residential Flooring is about much more than just aesthetics – it’s about making your floors better suited for their usage and easier to maintain as well. With our excellent epoxy flooring solutions you get:

Durability: Epoxy floors last longer. They are great when there is heavy foot traffic.

Aesthetic Appeal: The epoxy floor can be made to match the color scheme and design of a house since it is available in different colors and finishes.

Low Maintenance: These floors can be wiped off easily without requiring too much effort in order to keep them looking brand new.

Resistance: Epoxy floors do not stain; they do not react with chemicals or absorb moisture creating a favorable environment for them especially where spills occur often.

Our Services Across Multiple Locations

At Classic Touch Painting we know how unique every homeowner’s needs are depending on his location. Therefore our services cut across several areas meaning that anyone can have access to our expertise no matter where he or she stays.

Port Orange

Port Orange residents always look up to our epoxy residential flooring services. For those doing kitchen remodeling or garage updating visit us today.

Daytona Beach

As far as epoxy flooring installations go, Daytona Beach believes in us because we provide reliable workmanship along with quick responses. Floors that look good and last long too? That is what you will get from us!

Ormond beach

Each project undertaken in Ormond Beach has immense significance since it takes many years of experience to do it. Our epoxy floors are unique and add value to the home.

New Smyrna beach

For stunning epoxy flooring in New Smyrna Beach that is not just about style but also about functionality just reach out to us. Embrace change as you transform various places.

Ponce inlet

Epoxy floor installations done by our team of experts are durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and daily usage characteristic of coastal climates such as Ponce Inlet.


In Deland, our epoxy residential flooring services match each house concerning its specifications and finishing. We make sure that it fits perfectly.

Palm coast

Top-rated homes at Palm Coast benefit from our selection of premium quality epoxy flooring options that give a seamless appearance while providing years of durability.

Flagler beach

Our experienced team installs Epoxy Flooring Systems for Flagler Beach homeowners enjoying all its elegant outlooks as well s incredible performance.

Why A Classic Touch Painting?

When choosing an epoxy residential flooring company for your project, choose A Classic Touch Painting because they give quality products and services. Our team ensures that projects are finished within the set standards thereby giving their clients great results. As a result, we use the best materials and techniques in order to provide flooring solutions that last long into the future.

Get Started Today

Do you want to redo your house with Epoxy Residential Flooring? Have talks with Classic Touch Painting’s professionals today so that they plan on how this can be achieved. The experts will take you through the process hence you will finally arrive at what suits your home best in terms of its floor fitting solution.

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