Does ACTP carry Workers Compensation and General Liability insurances?

Yes we do. We carry high limits on all our insurances required by Commercial Contractors.

Are the painters employees or is the work subcontracted out?

We have our own employees installing paint. Some trades for Home Improvements would be a trusted Sub Contractor that we work with consistently.

Do you spray or roll on paint?

Paint is applied by the most efficient method for the situation. Most exterior work is applied by spray and backroll to ensure complete coverage on irregular surfaces.

Proper masking techniques allows for spray application almost anywhere. Sometimes the masking required to spray something is too laborious to consider and painting by hand with brush and roll is more efficient.

Spray painting is an excellent method to apply more paint at a specific thickness over large areas at a time. Also for a tool free appearance such as painting soffit, fascia and gutters or smooth panel doors.

Brush and roll application is completed where needed such as interior and in smaller locations outside. This is a more labor intensive application technique.

Either method is completely acceptable and produces great results. We strive to do the best work possible with the best efficiency so you get your home returned as quick as possible with the most professional finish.

What is the usual start time for Painting jobs?

Depending on time of year we are usually about 4 weeks out. Special circumstances can be accommodated and the schedule changed to meet your needs when known ahead of time.

What is the usual start time for pressure cleaning jobs?

We can start these jobs quicker due to our having a dedicated pressure cleaner team.

What is the usual start time for Epoxy jobs?

Due to the nature of the Epoxy work, we need to order the materials in and schedule. We have a dedicated Epoxy team that is specifically trained for the expertise needed to properly prepare and install the epoxy system. Usually 2-3 weeks is possible for an install.

How long before I can walk/drive on my new Epoxy floor?

You can walk on the floor in about 12 hours. Park in 72 hours after final clear coat.

Do the painters smoke cigarettes on the job?

We discourage smoking by our employees and do our best to hire non smoking workers. Smoking is prohibited on any jobsite or in company vehicles.

What kind of paint do we use?

Sherwin Williams is our main supplier. Our relationship with them goes back over 15 years and they have proven to be an excellent partner with A Classic Touch Painting providing exceptional warranty support, failure analysis, new product development, and stocking a vast array of materials for just about any situation in most surrounding towns. Customer service is excellent and there product knowledge is above average.

We use other manufacturers time to time and they all have something good to offer. Benjamin Moore, Southern Paint and Supply, Sun Color Paints, Color Wheel Paints, Coronado, Porter and PPG are all excellent. Box stores however are not a good source for a paint contractor. They do not have good color consistency and employee training is minimal. Product selection is limited and materials are designed for a retail customer application and not a professional.

 I have some left over paint from the last paint job, can your painters use that instead?

Sometimes depending on quality and condition.

How long does the INT/EXT paint last?

Exterior paint lifetime in Florida is typically 7-10 years. Darker colors tints tend to show signs of failure sooner and light colors look better longer. The tell for failing paint is discoloration or a light chalk on the surface of the paint.

Stucco has its own issues and requires periodic maintenance due to cracking. These cracks allow water directly into the block wall of the house. The water flows down to the foundation where it flows under the flooring of the interior of the house. This is generally not seen until carpet is changed out or we have a rain event where a long duration of rain from a certain direction amplifies the amount of water that intrudes into the structure. Stucco cracking also determines the repaint cycle and the types of materials we use.

Interior paint life is determined by more subjective factors and generally is up to the owner to decide when they either tire of the color or damage and touch ups are no longer an option.

Do you usually PC prior to paint?

Yes we always use a chemical and high pressure wash for any exterior work. We also pull back the landscape mulch from the foundation and pinch back the grass growing up against the house to allow for better coverage of paint below the grade and to keep paint off the mulch.

Will the chemical you use kill my plants?

Some plants are more sensitive than others but they generally do not die. The Chlorine can damage some foliage on sensitive plants but we wet the plants and dilute the chemicals to ensure we are doing everything we can to prevent any damage. The chlorine left alone can kill plants, properly used and diluted it does not effect anything except where we are treating the house for organic

Do the painters move my outside/inside furniture for me?
The customer is responsible to move delicate items so we can move furniture, etc without any damage to items.
If we are cleaning exterior surfaces, lanai decks, the customer should be prepared to assist if needed in moving or removing cushions, delicate items, etc from deck areas.