Home Improvements

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Our full time staff carpenter can tackle almost any task. We can install new crown molding, interior doors and casing, baseboard, replace rotted wood on exteriors, repair stucco and replace damaged or rusted stucco trim.

Interior lighting upgrades, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, new cabinets, mirrors, etc are all easily incorporated into your job scope to complete your tasks at hand.

If we can’t do it in house we have our team Sub Contractors that can. We work with a few select vendors that can tackle the tasks that are outside our scope. Electrical, tile, laminate flooring, plumbing, screen repairs, soffit and fascia install, gutters, etc.

We provide scheduling from start to finish with all the improvements for a seamless installation.

Superior site preparation

Our team of experts spend ample time preparing each site for improvement.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Our team can remodel entire Kitchens and bathrooms from the floor to the ceiling.

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We are carpenters too. This includes the Base, Crown, Trim and wood replacement.

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We remodel and refinish cabinets in many styles and layouts.

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Our team can install granite and stone countertops and finishes.

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We have several tile designs and materials to select from.

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Our team replaces blinds in any room with many designs and sizes.

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Custom Interior

We make custom mantles, bookshelves, barn doors, etc.

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Popcorn Removal

We can replace popcorn ceilings and refinish them in any room.

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